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One of my favorite quotes!


Take the shot

Take the shot

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Another one from Fight Club!

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Fall for anything

Fall for anything

Just over a year ago, the province of Quebec was shook by a series of events. The government wanted to raise tuiton fees by almost 75%. Students all around Quebec protested for more than 6 months to have their voice heard. The protests ended with the election of a new party and the rise of tuiton fees was cancelled. This poster kind of represents this great debate that took place.
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Build your own dreams

Build your own dreams

Pretty inspiring quote, thought I’d try a different approach. Glad how it came out!

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Fight club


Another fight club one.
For those who saw the movie, you might notice there’s something special going on with the bold letters đŸ˜‰
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PS: I don’t know what’s up with WordPress, I’m having a lot of trouble with the image compression.
It seems to compress the quality very much which makes the poster looks very low quality. Rest assured, if you buy it on society6, it’ll be 100% quality. (You can actually see it on the society6 page that the quality is much better.)
Been a long time! And I’m back for real now.
Truth is, I was busy with other stuff and I tossed this project aside way too fast.
I now realize it was a foolish thing to do, because I love this project of mine and I know there was at one point hundreds of you who tuned in everyday to see what was up. I feel like I let some of you down and I know I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

So, let’s do this!


Hey guys!
Been a long time!
I came in contact with Robert Hensel a few days ago.
If you don’t know about him already, I really recommend you go check out his story, it’s really inspiring!

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